MPX SyncLink - MPX for X5

MPX SyncLink 


Ever wish you could keep your FM/HD processor in your studio instead of at the transmitter site? MPX SyncLink is an optional 1RU product for the X5 that maintains HD and FM alignment (LiveLock) from your studio to your transmitter site. It carefully keeps the HD and FM packets in sync so time alignment done with the processor at the studio is maintained straight through to the receiver. 

HD and FM composite audio are converted to a single WheatNet stream at the X5 and sent over a data link (min 20 mbps) to the SyncLink decoder. There, the audio is converted back to two (2) analog composite signals, one baseband192 (MPX over AES) signal as well as an AES HD signal.

Because all audio is kept in the same IP stream, they arrive at the destination simultaneously and remain in sync. If packet loss occurs, both signals experience the same duration and time alignment is maintained.

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